Sometimes in life we just need to be heard

I am here to listen to you

lee purcell


Do you deep down fear the judgment of others?

You are not alone  The fear of being judged is a very common fear and I encourage you to look within yourself right now and ask yourself one question. "Is it the fear of what others think of me that bothers me or what I think of myself?"
If you authentically loved yourself as you are and you truly felt comfortable in your own skin, would it ever matter what anybody else thought of you?

 Why do we fear being judged?

It is quite simple. You want to be loved and accepted as you are. Right now public speaking is the number one fear for people. That's right, number 1. Even greater than the fear of death. Let's look deeper into this. Why would public speaking be a greater fear than death? When somebody speaks in front of a crowd, they now stand out. This is a vulnerable thing to do and this can be a painful process at first. because when you stand out, you are exposing yourself to the possibility of ridicule and misinterpretation by others.. You don't want to feel like an outcast to your friends or family, yet you also want to feel comfortable with who you are.

I created this platform as a tool designed to help you discover more self love and natural confidence.


Lee. Ya big legend. You truely are a light that shines brightly in my heart and every other living thing in my body. Your a dreamer, believer , magic man to all of us. Keep doing your thing brother .... it's inspiring                                               
Kurt, Australia

you have been a constant inspiration of love during my journey through the darkness. Thank you. Through the valley of the shadows of death I live a life


Vancouver, Canada

You are an amazing gifted person Blessed to have you in my heart So much love, cannot wait to reconnect again




your bravery stamina and resilience is outstanding.

Thank you brother for being a shining light in the darkness 
Keep on shining to the world. Its individuals like yourself that are truly a credit to humanity always empowering us to be a better version of ourselves 
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo



Just wanted to express my love for you, my deep respect and gratitude for all you have shared with me. For what you mean to me brother. Thank you.


Los Angeles