After an unexpected spiritual awakening in the Amazon Jungle in May 2013, I learned very quickly that I was not living up to my highest potential. A big part of this had to do with my own unconscious insecurities. Growing up, I was a popular guy with lots of friends, and I felt like a leader in group settings. What was revealed to me during an Ayahuasca ceremony was that I was a more of a timid coward than a real leader. It mattered what people thought of me, and I had spent a lifetime pretending that it did not. I acted in certain ways based on my perceived opinion of others, I was afraid of being judged by other people. It was painful to realize that I had created a false identity of myself and the worst part was that I couldn’t even see it.

Nonetheless, I was driven to do something about it.




Once I got back to Canada, I decided to retrain the way I looked at myself. I started teaching myself how to meditate. This involved sitting uncomfortably cross legged, closing my eyes and breathing until there were no more thoughts. It definitely proved itself to be easier said than done. As much as I wanted to enter the thoughtless realms of simply observing my own breath, my mind loved to get involved. My focal point was breathe in, breathe out. Just focus on the breath. No matter how hard I tried to just sit inside my own silence, my thoughts would trail off. I would go from observing my breath to thinking about work, or relationships, or dreams. Eventually I would realize that I was lost in thought again and I would get back to observing the breath. It was like reading a book and getting through a few pages only to realize you have no clue what you just read and you actually have to go back and start from where you left off. I was literally retraining a wild mind to calm down and slow down. I made this a daily practice.

It became clear to me that there was more room to love myself. I was disconnected from who I truly was as a human being. If I really did fear the judgement of others, then I really did not love myself as much as I had thought. Had I truly loved myself, then the opinions of others would not have affected me. I felt like I was on a mission to build up the self confidence that I once thought I had. This time It would be authentic. I devoted myself to authenticity.


I would begin my day by looking into the mirror and saying “I love you”. I started posting signs on my walls at home that said “ I love myself 100%”. I called these signs my spiritual billboards. I figured the messages would enter my subconscious and it would naturally retrain the way I looked at myself. Self love became my practice and my personal focal point. This gave me the courage to be vulnerable. I was able to express myself to others in ways that I had never thought possible and it really did not matter what they thought of me. I was just being me and I was loving myself for it. This new practice of self love had shaped and evolved me in many ways.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Inspired by my own transformation, I wanted to pay it forward. I decided to quit my job in Canada and follow my heart. I moved to Peru in 2014 and began volunteering my time at a healing center in the Amazon. This began my journey Studying with the indigenous "Shipibo" Community who use plants as their primary healing tool. I spent the next 4 years in service. Assisting the shamans as they helped heal hundreds of men and women from all over the globe, I witnessed miracles. People were stepping through and letting go of traumas, fears, insecurities, physical ailments, doubts, and limiting personal beliefs. Although these people came from all walks of life, each of them were carrying a common intention. They all came to become a better human being in some form or another.


My experience in the jungle has allowed me to travel the world and share my stories on different stages. Poetry and philosophy manifested as a passion of mine. I love sharing my unique insight from a very surreal experience. I learned that self love builds confidence and clarity. To be able to help another human being love them self is rewarding. I get to witness people step through their own personal limitations and discover just how incredible they are. Life has become the most rewarding gift I had ever been given.


Thank you or reading my story If there is one message that I can share with you that has the ability to leave a lasting impact on your life, it is this.....


Look into the mirror once a day and say "I love you" Your life will transform infront of your eyes


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