Succeed in your next business venture by surfacing what truly makes you happy.

 Align yourself with your soul mate by looking at 

who & what you really want in your life .



A tool of self reflection that utilizes from another perspective

clear and personal messageexactly what you need to hear in the moment, which



Typically, I work with spiritually minded business professionals and entrepreneurs who are making moves in life, yet are still struggling with being able to find personal clarity because they are not fully sure that they are on the right path.

People that work with me are willing to surface hidden messages in

their relationships, their business or their direction in life, because they see value in the personal growth that comes with understanding who they are.


We tap into your energy by reading your cards.

Each card carries a personal message that is translated in a way

that allows you to look at and master specific areas of

your life, such as: your business, your love and passionate pursuits.

You already have the answers that you need.

I am just here to help surface what you are already trying to tell yourself.


I know exactly where you are at.

This is not what I expected to be doing with my life at all.

In 2013 I was driving a truck in the oilfield, spending most of my time working and partying on my days off.

Tarot reading showed up as an offset to a personal transformation that I went through

while working with plant medicines in the Amazon Jungle.

 After I bought my first deck of tarot, I began reading for friends just for fun.

When people started telling me that my readings were accurate, it was hard for me to believe.

I felt like my own biggest skeptic at first, especially considering that I had never even read the book on tarot.

After moving to Peru and living at a healing center, I began to meet people from all over the world and my tarot skills grew rapidly. 


Eventually I began to understand and comprehend what I was actually doing.

 I was learning to trust the guidance of my own intuition. 

Eventually, my readings became so popular that it took me across the world

 After seeing a full booked list for my readings at Obonjan festival in Croatia , I couldn't deny the fact that I was adding value to peoples lives. 


Zach Staggs

Los Angeles, California

September 9 at 8:34 PM · 

Lee has an incredible warmth that comes through immediately. His energy is infectious. The insights he shared were very helpful as they gave me a fresh perspective on areas in my life that I had been grappling with. I was surprised with the accuracy of his intuition and how specific his guidance was on certain issues that I had been considering: it instantly clicked in my mind and was crystal clear as to what I should do going forward. I am so happy I connected with Lee and grateful for all the wisdom he shared with me.


Owner: VR Coaching

I’m a big fan of Lee’s Tarot reading and consult him regularly. He can tap into my energy and help me understand all what’s going on and what I’ve manifested, before it is clear to me! It helps me to get more clarity on the most complex topics such as relationships and careers. In these areas I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees and Lee’s gift is to make it visible to me again. How do I know that it works? I feel it, what he says just resonates! I so appreciate that clarity and it gives me more confidence and focus! Thank you Lee, for your loving support and all the insights!

Ken Chiba

Owner: Matchavibes Tea 

Lee is a very special soul. Words alone cannot fully describe how truly special he is. His enormous heart and bright light translates beautifully over to his tarot card reading, and I was fortunate enough to get a reading done by him. He is a true sensei in his craft, and I am so truly grateful to get the opportunity to get a reading done by Mr. Lee. I am looking to get another reading from him soon, as everything he was saying and describing was on point. I was fortunate enough to get 2 readings done, 1 in-person and the 2nd through skype. Both were truly magical, equally just as impactful. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Thank you very much Lee for allowing me to be in your presence! With great love, Ken.

Bruce Wang

CEO: Micro Jig inc.

Lee was highly recommended by a close and personal friend. At this point I’d never had a tarot card reading. In fact, card reading in general had a bad rap overall. Lee was excited to help debunk the negative connotation. He was sincere, enthusiastic, and really pleasant to work with. We also conducted this session via Skype. As he shuffled and read through the cards, we discussed which card was pulled and what it’s general meaning was and how it might be symbolic or meaningful in my life. One important and insightful readings involved a social anxiety I faced in group settings. Although mostly not perceptible by the group, I was holding back all I felt in the moment because of fear of judgement and fear of how I might be perceived. This healthy feedback triggered a recognition and prompted my to change my behavior by sharing all that was on my heart and mind in the moment trusting I was adding value to the group, trusting that I would be learning through the process of expressing myself fully, and trusting whether or not I was judged or Mis-perceived that all was for the benefit of learning of how to be more useful to my fellow man. I recognized in myself and with many others I was holding back important feedback to my team to help us all grow. This was one of the many gems shared during our one hour session. All this with him never meeting me prior. I highly recommend Lee as a genuine person looking to provide real value and growth to his clients. -Bruce Wang, CEO of MICROJIG


Spiritual guide & Teacher

Lee Purcell is a master tarot reader who looks deep in the Frequency of life to give you insight that opens doorways of perception to guide you to a more fulfilling life