If I am you And you are me We are one Not two or tree Let us learn Teach and expand Let us grow As we join hands Brilliant minds meeting resonance In different expressions Love is sustenance Progress grown The heart flows As the mind goes to a place of surrender Through humble pain I always gain Love becomes tender Yet tough Sometimes the walk is rough And it feels like enough A state where one dare not wait Surrender and move like it's fate To keep on going Keep on growing Keep on knowing That tough times create beautiful rhymes And they teach us the most As the heart chimes Through a process of breaking Constantly raking Leaves called thoughts that need to be forgotten Especially when these thoughts are rotten Dig deep and soil the surface Find inner purpose Be of service To those who need helpful hope That there is a hopeful rope To climb out of a hole and see a goal No need to gamble when the dice roll on their own Vision a life of compassion Use humble grace Find a steady pace And remember to smile and trust yourself Problems are not for the shelf Step through what bothers you Be honest and true It will help I promise to do my best I promise to remind myself Of the seeds I planted when I decided to take it back My birthright My kingdom of light In a world so blind I'm finding my sight When it first began I took it and ran I learned to soar with a full wingspan Empowered my dreams with words like I can Redefining spells that surely tells us That words can be powerful Yet one word can be heard in so many forms Taken so many ways Take in is how we transform anything Into a brilliant gift meant to uplift A vibration that science says we are So this frequency rising is finding the truth Finding the falsehood and stepping through Imaginary walls tall and wide Legendary halls of the restricting kind Climb ladders Grow wings And fly afar Love sings this bird Straight through the stars Knowing this makes us free Thank you to this mirror Your heart I see Thank you for always Being me.


I would like to be an expert communicator which is an art of it's own, especially when learning how to master words. Verbal communication can be a Simulation of imagination Or just stimulation of all 5 senses. Yet draining conversation causes deprivation and prevents this type of exchange. Misunderstanding is like A plane landing on a bumpy terrain. There's no shame in miscommunication. Only growth for those willing to grow within the constructs of what they know and how much they are willing to look at themselves and the whole situation in order to master the fluctuation Of words that are exchanged. Sometimes perception given to these words needs to be rearranged, Because everybody is internalizing From an individual point of view With a residual way through their own thought process. Which over the years of social dynamics We have taught ourselves how separated we have become on this planet. Only because we are trying to fit in. Such a complex paradox human beings live in. What helps me master communication on my journey is I am learning how to give in to love. I sit back and listen more Talk less, let go of stress, The mess of my mind left behind. Alchemy one more time. I redefine the meaning Of what I hear. If it doesn't resonate I used to hate Now I learn to cheer. We all would love to get along. Like a group musical, Life can be a song There is no right or wrong When mastering communication. Be strong And engage.

Love yourself And know that you are perfect. Be confident enough To love everybody you interact with Because at the end of the day You are beautiful


Lee Purcell & Amanda Rose

Clear skies among the most perfect Impossible storm

The dream will never end

Only love reborn

Old souls transforming

With a new earth forming

Bright colors to get me lost One more time

Observation with great appreciation

Ancient artifacts rediscovered

A brand new paradigm

Love the climb

Through all concepts awoke to

Beauty kept me sleeping